• Art Palace - Telarî Huner
    Art Palace - Telarî Huner

    The biggest Hall and Conference Center in Sulaymaniyah, Art Palace is a moden large hall constructed in recent years. The hall hosts various artistic events, concerts, conferences and other events.

  • Mawlawi Street - Cadey Mewlewî
    Mawlawi Street - Cadey Mewlewî

    Mawlati Street is one of the main streets in Sulaymaniyah, it stretches from the end of Salim Street, the main road connecting the entrance of the city to down town Sulaymaniyah, to Sara Square, the city center.

  • Grand Millenium Hotel - Utêlî Şarî Ciwan
    Grand Millenium Hotel - Utêlî Şarî Ciwan

    Grand Millenium Hotel is the first of its kind in Kurdistan and Iraq. It is a 38 floor luxury hotel and a compound that includes conference  center, parking garages, restaurants and retail stores. The hotel's top floor has a revolving restaurant.

  • Dukan Tourist Resort
    Dukan Tourist Resort

    Dukan Lake and summer resort is a breatiful tourist attraction in winter and Spring. Every year, tens of thousands of local toursist and others from around Iraq and neigboring countries visit Dukan.

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City Transportation

The most accessible and convenient way of moving around the city is Mini Buses and Taxis, they can be used to move around the entire city and its sub-urbs. Buses and Taxis are the most widely used means of transportation by the population and visitors.
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Taxi Services in the City

Taxis are widely available in the city and can ordered by phone, Taxis are one of the key means of transport for visitors in addition to rented cars.
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Rent a Car

Various type of cars can be rented at reasonable prices inside the city.
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Chavy Amusement Park

Chavy Amusement Park is the largest Amusement part in Kurdistan and Iraq, it is located at one of the most attractive and beautiful spots overlooking Sulamaniyah City from Mount Goyzha. There are many facilities in the park inlcuding cable cars connecting the park to the mountain top.
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City Cinema

City Cinema is one of the modern movie theatres in Sulaymaniyah, where the newest movies are screened.
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Kalar International Folk Music Festival

Every Year, Kalar district in Sulaymaniyah hosts the International Folk Music Festival. Since 2009, Kalar hosts dozens of folk music and dance groups from around the world coming to Kalar to perform their nations' music and folk dance. 
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Slemani Kebab

Sulaymaniyah is well-known for Kebab 
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Plans to make Sulaymaniyah top tourism destination

Dubai: Iraqi conglomerate Faruk Group Holding on Monday announced plans to make Sulaymaniyah a desired destination in the region with the construction of various hotel projects, including the Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah, Copthorne Hotel Baranan and Copthorne Hotel and Spa.

Liberal Sulaimaniyah is a cultural beacon for Iraq's creative class

Why Sulaimaniyah?

Sulaimaniyah is the cultural and entertainment capital of the fast-developing and semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan.




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